Download Philips Songbird

“Have you downloaded our Philips Songbird player yet?” — the lady working at Philips asked me. I was quick to respond with a “What?”

“Philips Songbird… Sir”

“Umm, no… should I download this program? Is it free? I hope so.”

Turns out, Philips Songbird is a free software. It is required to transfer songs, videos, and other media content to MP3 and MP4 players. As I recently purchased a Philips GoGear RaGa MP3 player for $40, I was not sure on how to transfer files from my PC to this music player.

Fortunately, the customer support walked me through the whole process.

So what is Philips Songbird?

In short, it is a media player (or call it a music player). You can download Songbird, then create your music library, playlist, and listen to songs on your computer. You can also use this tool to transfer content to other Philips devices.

Note: Philips Songbird supports only these MP3/Mp4 players.

Songbird is similar to Samsung Kies on Mac and Apple’s iTunes player. Only difference is, we will not be using Samsung smartphones or iPhones. Instead, we will connect our Philips-branded players including Gogear Muse, RaGa, ViBE, Ariaz, etc. to Songbird. Ready to get Philips Songbird?

Philips Songbird Player

Running Philips Songbird on my Windows Computer

Download Songbird for Philips MP3 Players [Windows]

The official Philips Songbird media player is available only for Windows operating system. Before you go ahead and download the player, follow this step: Attach your MP3 or MP4 device to your computer via USB cable.

This will pop up a new drive on your My Computer. Open this drive and look for the .exe file. This is the Philips Songbird file — yes, it comes pre-installed with every music player.

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Official link: If you cannot find the EXE file of Songbird using the above step, then visit the official website. You will have to enter your device’s model number to be able to download the proper version of Songbird.

Alternate link: You can also head over to the Songbird website and download the setup file. Note that this is not the official Philips Songbird player, but it will work nonetheless.

Are you using Mac?

I moved to Mac in 2010. And if you are using Mac OS X — the current OS being Mountain Lion 10.8 — and you want to run Philips Songbird player on Mac machines, then check out this article: “Get Philips Songbird on Mac OS X.”

Additional Resources:

How to install Philips Songbird on computer?In this article, I will walk you through the installation steps. They are fairly easy, but if this is your first time, do check out the article.

Common Problems with Philips Songbird

I have been using Philips Songbird from the past 3 years. The player has its own set of issues which are documented in the article.

Also check out the Philips website for a quick live support through the chat if you are facing issues with your Philips player. These guys were humble and quick to respond.