Download JDownloader Download Manager For Mac OS

For some, especially those who are on the slower side of the internet, download manager programs can make a real difference for downloading files off the web. You can bypass the download restrictions of Rapidshare, Megaupload and other hosting website by using a download manager. At times, download manager for our Mac machine is truly a blessing.

Talking about the desktop download managers available for Mac, Leech is a great program to try out. Unfortunately, Leech isn’t free; so shelling out $14 for a program might not be a good idea. As an alternative of Leech, JDownloader is perhaps the best download manager available for the Mac OS.

Download JDownloader for Mac OS

JDownloader is platform independent — as it is written in Java — and is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS platform. The beauty of this open-source program lies in its features: pausing and resuming downloads, scheduling files for download and downloading files in multiple parallel streams.


Additionally, JDownloader supports download for “link encryption” sites and keeps a comprehensive history of files downloaded. Overall, JDownloader is a lightweight and a brilliant option that will help you in your quest of downloading files off the internet.

To download JDownloader for Mac, click here.

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