Blogote Rising From The Grave… One More Time!


Let’s get straight to the point: this blog is dead.

You know this very well.

All of the recent articles are “outdated.” It’s true that I haven’t even visited Blogote in a couple of months. Imagine a day waking up at 5 AM in your pajamas, throwing everything in a suitcase as quickly as possible and rushing to the airport with a flicker of happiness on your face…

… you are excited because this is your first visit to the moon.

At exactly 7 AM you are at the airport. Turns out, there’s no plane to the moon. Someone sold you a fake ticket. A fake dream.

I did exactly the same thing: stopped blogging, did something else, and then something more… only to realize that I shouldn’t have done all that. Makes sense?

So who are you gonna blame for all this?

Me… it’s my fault.

You see, last year I finished my Engineering course and since then I have been working on creating a new “product.” A venture with a friend failed miserably.

Another new idea didn’t convert into reality.

I have been spinning a lot of plates to see what really works and what doesn’t. I now know what *really* works.


In this whole process I stopped nurturing Blogote. Let me do something BIG, I said. I was sidetracked by other projects and with no more fresh articles, the blog lost its momentum — I buried the site with my own hands.

But here’s the good thing: the blog still gets several thousands of visitors through search engine every day. Looking at the Google Analytics tool I can see another thousand visitors (read: readers) visiting Blogote to consume fresh information…

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You must be disappointed. Who should you blame? (you know the answer…)

The Next Plan…

I have hired a few folks who will be publishing new articles… consistently. You can expect more tech news, tips and probably more info-packed tutorials in the next weeks. I’ll be writing a couple of articles as well.

To put it bluntly: I am back… Blogote is back!

(read it again in Hulk’s voice)

On the other hand, several big names in the software industry are waiting to giveaway their products for free to you. (I have been getting a lot of emails about the contests from you… rest assured something big is on its way)

I started blogging in 2006, in my early college days. It was a summer-time hobby to see if we can generate some buzz. This *thing* clicked. And it clicked really well — a lot of “top” sites linked to the articles I wrote.