Garmin GPS Attracting GPS buyers With its New Line of GPS Device

Garmin’s nuLink! services are actually doing so well that they have now become the brand of their new top-of-the-line GPS. The nuLink! 1695 is the latest device in this line and will have one year of free nuLink! services in the US. You can even have access to the nuLink! Store, which has several premium options for you to choose from.

When it comes to GPS tech, few do it better than Garmin and the 1695 bears testimony to that fact. The 1695 has a full size 5-inch touch-screen display. It will make for the ultimate navigational experience, thanks to a combination of Google Local Searches and nuRoute archived information.

The new Points of Interest or POI search is powered by Google and white page telephone listings. You can search for destinations by typing in names of places or other keywords, just like you do on Google on your PC. Detailed search results will include a short description of the place, address, phone number and a popularity rating too!


The white page listing feature can be used to any street address if you have the mobile phone number. You can also use the first name or the last name of the resident to complete your search.

The Garmin 1695 GPS model also helps you drive around in a new place, just like a local, with the help of online integration. You can get local events and movie listings and flight status information for most major carriers. Then there is the access to NAVTEQ mapping to help you avoid congested roads and get to your destination on time.

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The nuLink! Store gives you access to others services such as real time advanced weather alerts and safety camera alerts. But these are premium features.

The 1695 utilizes trafficTrends technology to help you chalk out a travel plan quite easily. It recommends the best routes and gives you a realistic arrival time. These calculations are based on archived data as well as recent trends. Your favored destinations are also recorded and myTrends uses this to predict your destination and do further calculations.

Even if Garmin GPS 1695 costs $450 (device plus services for 1st year), this GPS is worth having in your car!