GeoHot and The UnOfficial PS3 Jailbreak

Homebrew on a PlayStation3 has always been Sony’s nightmare. This time around, George GeoHot Hotz has introduced to the world and entire new way for gamers to take advantage of their consoles. Till date, the Sony PS3 has been the only gaming platform that remained unmodded and that of which gave game developers a reason to smile.

On Friday, GeoHot revealed his all new custom firmware that allows users to update their systems to a compatible OS that supports Homebrew applications. While George did mention that his update was not intended for using the console to play pirated games, let’s see if he stands by his promise.

For those that do not know what a Jailbreak does, let’s put it in simple terms. GeoHot’s custom firmware offers users with the opportunity to play backups of their games that they can transfer from their BluRay discs to an external harddrive.

Additionally, they can also access Homebrew applications that will give them a new sense of gaming dimension that takes a new turn from the only available PlayStation Store. While no confirmation has been made by Sony yet, only time will tell if SCE will be able to bounce back and reclaim their land.

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