Homeless Man With The Golden Radio Voice in Columbus, Ohio [Via Reddit]

They have done it in the past. And they are doing it again, but this time the message is loud and clear. As we speak, the Reddit community is kept busy in changing a man’s life. This proves to the world that Redditors are the internet’s coveted group of generous folks.

The video should speak for itself, but I am gonna cut to the chase and say that this homeless man (as they call him), who derailed his career by indulging into alcohol and drugs, has a unique God-given gift. One of the redditor spotted Ted Williams’ “great voice” in Columbus, Ohio that he went on to upload a short recorded clip on the Youtube.

The legitimate talent of Ted was spread across the Reddit yesterday and the thread titled “Homeless man w/golden radio voice in Columbus, OH [VIDEO]” has gone viral since then. The under cover operation to change this man’s life has worked out immensely to the benefit of Ted. But first, check out the video:


The clip has generated nearly 5 million views in a single day, and with the way he is gaining attention, it might not be surprising at all to find his voice at a local radio station very soon. Oh wait, this publicity has already landed Ted into a full-time radio job. And that’s not it, Ted gets $15k donation, producer and an editor to look after his work, a phone, his own website and loads of unexpected help.

Ted Williams’ sudden twist of fate might be intriguing for some, but for him it is certainly a moment never to be forgotten. A life changing experience. According to MSNBC, Ted was also offered a house from the Cleveland Cavaliers (basketball team). The best voice for broadcasting may soon be aired!

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