Instagram will allow everyone to put links on Instagram Stories

A new experiment in the social network will allow everyone to put links on Instagram Stories , without having 10,000 followers. A major policy change, although it is currently in very limited testing.

We have already explained how to put links on Instagram Stories , something that requires various tricks for those who do not have those 10,000 users following their profile. Now the company is testing a new sticker called “links” to make it easier for users to be sent to external web pages.

Therefore, modify the current system of swiping up in the Stories to enter the links. Unfortunately, the test only includes a small number of accounts , and Instagram does not allow joining, they choose the participating profiles based on criteria that they have not shared.

They have confirmed that the sticker could be the only system to put links in the future , as they consider that it makes more sense than the gesture of swiping as the mobile application currently works.

Of course, they have not confirmed that all members will be able to use it, because first they will analyze the use made of it for a while. In particular, they will monitor possible links with spam or malware to prevent this possibility from posing risks.

At the moment, it has been ruled out that the links reach the standard posts , so Instagram remains restrictive in this regard. The income of the social network depends on the advertising, and by limiting the links it is possible to sell more ads.

In addition, by admitting so few links, it becomes a more secure platform, something also important for companies. It is logical that any change in the policies begins in the Stories, which after 24 hours disappear, except those that we set in the profile.

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We hope that the links in the Instagram Stories will reach everyone soon , either with the sticker or another system, because that is the objective of the test. However, as it is such a delicate aspect, it cannot be ruled out that the social network will change its mind.