Latest VMware Fusion 4 Works on Mac OS X Lion

For those who want to run Windows on your Mac, check out VMware Fusion 4, which is the latest installation of VMware’s virtualization product. Touted as the best way to install Windows on Mac, VMware Fusion has been knitted with 90 new features and performance tweaks.

VMware Fusion 4 also runs seamlessly on Apple’s Mac OS X Lion.

Features of VMware Fusion

As VMware Fusion has been engineered to run seamlessly on Mac OS X Lion, it welcomes better performance and has a more mac-like experience. Also, for users running OS X in a virtual machine, VMware Fusion offers a host of useful features.

VMware Fusion 3 users upgrading to this newer version will notice a change in library and snapshot menu. If you haven’t upgraded yet, launch VMware Fusion and check for updates now.

The latest version of VMware Fusion also runs Windows 8.

Price of VMware Fusion 4

Although the product is normally priced at $79.99, but the promotion offer discounts $30 from the original price. So, it all comes down to $49.99.

The limited promotion extends till the end of this year. You can register a license copy of VMware Fusion 4 from VMware’s official website.

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