MacOS Monterey finds evidence of “high power mode” boosting Mac performance in the latest beta

Apple has found evidence of the existence of “high power mode” in macOS Monterey beta 8 released today.

Information about high-power mode was discovered in the beta version of macOS Catalina 10.15.3 and warned that while speeding up applications, it could lead to faster battery life and increased fan noise. This feature was never officially provided, and even in previous beta versions of macOS Monterey, the information indicating its existence was cleanly removed.

It’s unclear exactly how high-power mode works, but it’s suspected that it might force the CPU and GPU to run at peak performance regardless of whether the Mac is connected to a power source. I am. It’s also not a problem on Macs with Apple Silicon, but it could be a feature that increases fan speed to prevent throttling problems due to heat generation.

We don’t have access to this feature at this time, and details such as whether high power mode is only available for certain Macs are unknown. Apple is expected to launch a new MacBook Pro with an M1X chip later this year, and it seems likely that high-power mode will be dedicated to this new Mac.

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