The Surface Movement: Microsoft’s First TV ad for Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface ads have started appearing on TV tonight, but it will be broadcasted only in the US. However, for the rest of us who are not in the US, we always have YouTube to watch the ad campaign.

Over $400 million were spent on marketing WP7, and that was the largest marketing campaign from Microsoft back then. Today, the company is spending more than $1 billion on Windows 8, and another $400 million (as posted by Paul on Twitter) on marketing the Microsoft Surface tablet.

The advertisement titled “The Surface Movement” features folks graciously dancing to the tune while playing in tandem with the Surface’s keyboard and 10.6-inch display screen.

Check out the video…


The massive investment on marketing and advertisement is crucial for Microsoft’s success. These are the ads that will help Microsoft to make sure that Surface and Windows 8 become a common name in the coming months, if not years.

Scheduled for launch at the end of this month, precisely on October 26th, Microsoft Surface has a 10.6-inch ClearType display, a USB port and a fully functional keyboard and trackpad. Pricing of Microsoft Surface are not out yet.

After having experienced Windows 8 on a Samsung Series tablet, I have to admit that I am in love with Windows 8. But Surface is different; it is said to blow its competitor out of the water, as the tablet will work equally well for business and casual purposes.

Can Microsoft knock the iPad out with its Surface tablets? Let’s not forget that Apple may very soon launch the iPad mini — in fact, the iPad mini will be announced 3 days prior to the launch of Surface tablets. The competition only gets tougher from here. Let the games begin!

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For those who are interested to learn more about Microsoft Surface’s features and specs, here’s a PDF file that should help. If anyone’s interested, you can follow Surface on Twitter to get all the latest news about Microsoft Surface.