Motorola prepares a new version of the Moto G Stylus for this year

Last year, Motorola brought out a phone with a stylus, something we weren’t used to seeing in the mid-range, and it seems things turned out quite well for the Lenovo-owned company, as there would be a successor this year.

As we can read on Nihls Ahrensmeier’s Twitter, the main novelty that this year’s model would have compared to 2020 is that this year we would have the ability to have 5G connectivity instead of the 4G of the Snapdragon 678 of 2020.

Regarding its design, we have a rear camera system that has been redesigned, but we have no information about the sensors that these cameras will have. On the front we have a fairly traditional design for Motorola and even a fingerprint reader that seems to be on the back.

Unfortunately we do not have any other information about the device, but it is likely that as days go by we will already have news about this new Motorola phone.

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