New Nintendo Wii 2 Launching in 2011?

For all of you who cannot have enough of the Nintendo Wii, there is a great piece of information. The next generation Nintendo Wii or the Wii 2 is supposedly as close to commercial launch as 2011! And this despite Nintendo going on record to state that the next Wii is still a ‘long way’ away.

While Nintendo has not confirmed or denied these latest Wii ‘rumors’, you can be sure that something is surely in the works. And Nintendo may simply be keeping mum over the issue, to take gamers all over the world by surprise and hence add to the novelty value of the Wii.

What’s new in Nintendo Wii 2 Console

The current reports suggest that the Wii 2 will have HD output and also a Blu-ray drive built in, among other upgrades which are yet to be revealed. This is obviously good news if you have thus far been using the Wii on an HDTV without actually being able to play HD games, while your friend with a PS3 has been happily enjoying 3D gaming on his console, much to your agony!

And if the new Wii is HD enabled it will be able to take on the PS3 and Xbox much better. Although the Wii has managed to sell more than 30 million units till date, it needs to bulk up and not rest on its laurels, if it wants to maintain the same sort of track record.

Considering that the current Wii only supports 480p video, it is about time that some upgrading is done.

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But what is the rationale of putting in a Blu-Ray drive?

Certainly Nintendo is aware of the fact that Blu-ray as a optical media has not been able to make the sort of impact it was touted to. Moreover, the future of console gaming is digital downloads from online stores. So, perhaps this is just an option rather than a major feature in the Wii 2.

If Nintendo is really planning this HD Wii, it will have to bring out the product soon, because if the price of the PS3 drops below $299, Nintendo will have a tough time in putting a competitive price tag on the Wii. Add to that the fact that the PlayStation Move Controller is coming soon to give the same motion controlled gaming experience to users as the Wii, and you have Nintendo between a rock and a hard place. Hopefully they have a trick or two up their sleeves!