Send Money From One Blackberry to Other Blackberry Phone With MasterCard’s MoneySend App

In another move that perhaps prove beyond doubt that mobile commerce is the next big thing, MasterCard has just launched the MoneySend app for BlackBerry devices. With this app you can transact with others, just like you do in real life. The app is already available on BlackBerry App World.

This app is an attempt by MasterCard to catch up with PayPal, whose mobile app for Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices has proved to be immensely successful. MasterCard may have more credibility with older people, but now it looks like they are wooing the younger population too.

Download MoneySend App for BlackBerry Phones

This app (free to download) lets you send, receive and request money from others. You need to have the app linked to your bank account, debit card or MasterCard credit card to make things work. A prepaid account with Bancorp bank can also work. All transactions can be managed from within the app, for a stipulated fee.


As far as security is concerned MasterCard has made it clear that when you use this app, no data gets stored on your BlackBerry phone. So, even if you lose the phone, your money is not at risk.

Also, in order to complete a transaction successfully, both phones must have this app installed. If you send money to the mobile number of a person who does not have the app, they will get an alert to download the app to avail the service and collect the payment. This may prove useful for bagging new users of MoneySend, who may not have used it otherwise.

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This app is not a one-off from MasterCard. Of late they have been aggressively releasing apps such as Easy Savings Program, Priceless Picks and ATM Hunter, which help people find the best deals, use geo-tagging and locate ATM’s nearby. But will this app (its buggy) match up to PayPal’s app which is undoubtedly more versatile?