Surface Tablet + Skateboard Wheels = Surfaceboard

Skateboards, sure everyone knows about them. But Surfaceboard? What are they?

Steven Sinofsky, President at Microsoft, is the man behind the Surfaceboard. He performed an unorthodox experiment by taking skateboard wheels and taping them around Microsoft Surface tablet, and then finally labels his new-found toy as “Surfaceboard.”

The two pictures posted on Twitter suggests that Steven took the Surfaceboard out for a ride.

Surfaceboard (Surface tablets) passing the stress test successfully.

Priced at $499 for 32 GB version, Surface tablets is powered with Windows 8 and has a reasonable 10.6-inch display. Buying a Surface tablet only to zoom in through the streets is probably everybody’s dream, but this is a hobby only few could afford to pick up.

However, don’t just assume that Steven wants you to use Surface tablet for your skateboarding needs. He, and everyone else at Microsoft I believe, wants to convey to the consumers that Surface tablet is nothing but a durable and reliable piece of gadget. Even the recent Surface advertisement reveals the strength of the tablet where the display screens were effortlessly flapping with the support of touch covers.

For now, if you are preordering Surface tablet, you might want to use the slate for better things.

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