Thanks to Total_Noob, PSP HEN For 6.20 Firmware is Releasing Soon!

By Sidharth | Features

The Geohot of PSP: Total_noob is all set to revive the PSP models with his HEN (Homebrew ENabler) that is set to release by the end of November.

I haven’t been following the PSP hack scene from quite sometime, as there’s not much going on, frankly. But Total_noob, a German forum member, promises to change the tune with his release of homebrew enabler for OFW 6.20.

PSP HEN For 6.20 Firmware

From what I’ve gleamed reading the German forum, the HEN from Total_noob, apart from being able to work on existing modded PSP, will also work on PSP Go. Then there’s a video (embedded below) that showcases the homebrew development on official 6.20 firmware.

To keep the PSP users updated with the behind the scene homebrew development, Total_noob has come up with a blogspot blog (link).

Video on 6.20 HEN From Total_Noob

Users have also donated money (and a PSP Go) to Total_noob for testing the HEN. Total_noob can definitely pull this off, and when he releases the HEN to public he deserves a heroic-worship for sure. So far, everything looks great.

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