Windows Live Sync Revamped With More Free Storage Space

Up until now Windows Live Sync and Windows Live Mesh, were separate products, but that will change pretty soon. Microsoft has just announced that that Live Sync will soon be re-branded as Live Mesh and other changes will also be made to the service. Expect these to take effect within the next two months.

In a related announced Microsoft has also stated that a push technology called Exchange Active Sync will allow you to access Hotmail contents on your mobile.

Currently, Live Sync allows you to sync files between computers or do cloud transfers from a computer. The beta version of this service is being used by over 200000 people and the ultimate goal is to allow the syncing of files between a PC and a mobile device.

More Free Storage Space With Live Sync

Right now syncing between PC’s is free from data constraints, but you can only sync up to 2GB of files per account to the cloud. This will also be increased to 5GB soon. Though the average sync size for the cloud is only 240MB for now, as soon as mobile access is available, this will shoot up considerably, because keeping large files on phones is not a common practice. And you cannot have enough online storage space. Can you?

When the changes do come into place you should also be able to sync hidden files from the computer. Also you’ll clearly get to know which files are in the process of syncing and which have already been synced.

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Though these new features should be quite good, you may ask whether the re-branding was necessary too. Perhaps Microsoft needs to focus more on a file sync technology that can handle PC, cloud, and mobile with élan, instead of worrying about what to name various techs!

It is the lack of quality file syncing services, which can handle all the three mentioned platforms, which is quite disconcerting. Recently Libox, a startup, has been tipped to do a good job on this front, and so we can surely expect better from a tech-giant such as Microsoft. Let’s see if Microsoft can solve our problem of syncing files between devices!

Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 Build 15.4.3001.0809 is available for download here.