Working PS3 Jailbreak Unlock is Here, Finally!

For all gamer out there, this should be sweet music: the PlayStation 3 has finally been hacked successfully! This means that you will be able to play PS3 games without using original disks.

This is possible only if you use a ModChip which is a USB device and is called PS Jailbreak. Not only can it modify PS3’s with the latest 3.4.1 firmware, it also works on older firmware versions.

The best part is that the PS Jailbreak device will not modify your PS3 console in any way. Once you unplug the device from the PS3 USB port it gets disabled. With this device you can transfer all PS3 you have into a portable hard drive base don a FAT32 system and play them directly from there. But keep in mind that this works only for PS3 games and not PS and PS2 consoles. Moreover, Games on Blu-Ray discs cannot be hacked either.


This modchip is now available for pre-order and should be available before the end of this month. Though it will give you the freedom to play without original games disks, you have to shell out a cool $169 to get your hands on this modchip.

Though this price seems ludicrous because you can get the console it for some more money, think of the big picture, before dismissing it as a grossly overpriced product. You will save a lot of money in buying original game disks in the future if you have this modchip.

If you are interested in getting this chip as soon as possible you can log in to OzmodoChips and place your order.

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Once you have it in hand you can easily plug it into your PS3 and install it using instructions which can be downloaded from the product website. The GUI is elaborate and the entire installation should be over in seconds. The chip will disable all forced software updates but will never brick your PS3 console in the process. Even game lags and glitches will minimize because the games are played at two times the speed as compared to disks. Definitely a product worth getting!