How Can I sign in to Orkut using Yahoo account ID

By Sidharth | How-to

After reading many discussion on “Orkut Yahoo” topics I decided to make a simple article to answer whether it is possible to use yahoo account to sign in to Orkut. Before that let me clear about the Google service and orkut issue.

As most of you know orkut is owned by Google, so if you have an existing account on Google (say Gmail) then you can create a orkut account using the same Gmail ID. Now for those of you who do not have a Google account can still sign in to orkut and create a new orkut profile. For example you can make use of Yahoo, MSN live Hotmail account and still log into Orkut..

Use Yahoo account to sign in to

Here are the simple steps to be followed for logging into using different email ID such as or :

1. Create a new orkut account (here).

2. Enter your yahoo, MSN or any email account address which you are currently using.

3. Fill out the remaining form with appropriate information.


4. Agree the terms and you will be asked to activate orkut account.

5. Sign in to your Yahoo, MSN account and activate it!

Done! Simple right? I already use a year old yahoo ID to log in to orkut account and I assume this will help you people too!

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