How to permanently delete your orkut profile and account

Many people keep on searching for ways to delete their profile from social networking account such as orkut. So here is a simple way to get your profile and account on orkut deleted easily.

Why delete Orkut profile?

Basically there are many Orkut cases where some culprit abuses your orkut profile by scraping useless scraps or using your profile name and avatar to abuse others,for this reason you lose the privacy and want to permanently remove your orkut profile from orkut network.

Deleting Orkut account

To delete your account just  visit this link and click on “delete my account”. Make sure you are logged into your Orkut account. After this you will be directed to Google account page which asks you to re enter your orkut login password to confirm the account deletion and click on “Remove orkut.

Once you finish the above process you will not be able to re activate or recover the account again.Your whole orkut acount with the profile will be deleted within 24-48hours. Also if you have a community then make sure you delete your orkut community first and then delete your profile.

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