Pin Conversations with Google Messages

google messages

Google launched an app, Google Messages. It is by far one of the best applications by Google. We know that the name given to this app is pretty generic. But still, it is preinstalled in the devices as default. Mostly they are installed as RCS and SMS clients.

The latest report reveals that Google Messages allows you to pin favorite messages and conversation threads.

In the latest teardown shows that the messaging app will have two features – the potential of pinning text messages that goes on the top of conversation lists, and star messages separately in the particular conversation.

These two features are already incorporated in several messaging applications. WhatsApp, iMessage, and Telegram are some of the messaging apps with these features. We are anticipating getting this feature in Google Message App soon.

In the recent past, Google Messages’ functionality halted on uncertified Android cellular devices.

Uncertified Android devices are those which didn’t process or skipped through Google’s authorized certification. This process is mandatory to keep using Google cellular services.


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