Quality Management In Pharmacy: Factors To Take Into Account

We are going to see a series of factors that are not only necessary for an optimal and profitable sale an online pharmacy, but also for the quality management of the service in the pharmacy itself. 

In this article, Experts from Canada Pharmacy Online  expose factors that will help you to improve quality management in your business. Most of these factors fall on the owner of the pharmacy, so we will explain the qualities and aspects that the figure of the owner must have. Together, these factors must be considered as unavoidable for the proper functioning of the establishment. 

Quality management in pharmacy and the unconditional role of the owner in the pharmacy

Qualities that the owner must have:  

  • Leadership capacity and commitment in pharmacy quality management
  • Medium and long term vision
  • Development of teamwork

Duties of the owner in the pharmacy:

  • Comprehensively apply the principles of business management to the online pharmacy.
  • Prepare and apply a management plan that serves as a guide and offers the necessary information and support for decision-making.
  • Optimize the team. You must carry out an efficient assignment of tasks and those responsible for optimal quality management of the pharmacy
  • Resort to specialized professional advice in those areas where it does not arrive with its own internal resources, such as legislation, contracts, taxation, data protection (RGPD), occupational risks (PRL), insurance, etc.
  • Implement a scorecard that, through some key indicators, allows to assess at all times and over time, the degree of compliance with the objectives…
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The incumbent must be a “Marketing Incharge”

  • Carry out an annual marketing plan and execute it methodically and effectively. 
  • Set growth objectives through a differentiating positioning as far as possible. 
  • Generate a recognized brand as a basic feature for optimal quality management of the online pharmacy.   
  • Create your own way of doing things. be different Look for the competitive advantage or advantages in different areas (team, sales room, promotion, design, campaigns, etc.).
  • Use the Internet and social networks to offer ideas and information according to the interests and needs of customers and potential customers.
  • Select the optimal assortment by category based on positioning and potential market. 
  • Group products into categories that form strategic business units, managed individually, within the framework of the general strategy of the pharmacy.

The incumbent must be a “team manager” to…

  • Lead and motivate the team
  • Organize the team. All the components are assigned certain functions, but from a certain dimension, managers of categories, etc. can be designated.
  • Promote continuous training, especially in the technical field. Know in depth the characteristics, benefits and advantages of the products that are offered in the ailments that they treat. 
  • Work as a team and maintain a high degree of motivation and involvement of collaborators.
  • Set objectives for the team and establish a part of variable remuneration depending on the fulfillment of said objectives, which can be for the entire team based on a common objective or/and specific for each member.
  • Evaluate the equipment continuously and, when necessary, make the selection of new components.
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