Free Rapidshare Premium Account [How to]

NO! We are not giving away Rapidshare Premium accounts and password for free but we will be talking about how to get yourself a Rapid Share premium account by investing your online time into useful work.

The hard way to Get a Rapidshare Premium Account :

Earn money online! I know this might sound strange for most of the people but you can make money on the Internet and get those hard earned money into your paypal account which can be later used to buy a Rapidshare Premium account. Check out some of the Paid to click sites delivered by Google search results.

Another way to get Rs premium account (Recommended) is to make use of Rapidshare Collector’s account which can be created by visiting this link.Now login to your RS (Rapidshare) Collector’s account and upload any files or ebooks.. legal songs or videos which must be atleast 1mb in size.

After uploading the file,submit them to social sites or big forums.You can find plenty of popular forums at big boards website.Register to related forums and place the rapidshare download link.The number of unique downloads will give you Rapidshare points which can be exchanged for a rapidshare premium account.Though this takes some time but you will get the rapidshare acc worth 6.99 Euro for your hard work!

Easy way to Get a Free Rapidshare Premium account :

Well we are indeed giving away the Rapidshare accounts for users icon biggrin Free Rapidshare Premium Account [How to] Visit Rapidshare Premium account link and login with the following username and password

Login: 7358972
Password: LyYbQFku
Expiration date: Tue, 23. Dec 2008

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I have tested the rs account and it is working fine..

Thanks to RapidPoints who commented on this blog post and shared this valuable premium account for free.Please don’t be selfish and try to change the password.If that happens then I won’t post anymore working rapidshare account username password information again! icon evil Free Rapidshare Premium Account [How to]

Also don’t forget to logout after downloading the files which will help other people to login and download the files easily without being blocked by Rapidshare for suspicious account activity.I hope all the people will be noble to themselves icon wink Free Rapidshare Premium Account [How to]

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