Complete List of Gmail Shortcut Keys

There are over 50 keyboard shortcuts that one can use to browse Gmail. Below you will find the entire list of all these shortcuts keys. You can use these keyboard shortcuts on both Windows and Mac OS.

Note: To use these shortcuts, you have to enable the keyboard shortcuts option, available in your Gmail Settings.

Shortcut Keys Jumping
Press g then i Go to your Gmail Inbox
Press g then s Go to conversations that are Starred
Press g then t Go to Sent messages section
Press g then d Go to Gmail Drafts
Press g then a Go to All mail
Press g then c Go to your Gmail Contacts
Press g then k Go to Tasks
Press g then l Go to Label
Shortcut Keys Threadlist selection
* then a Select all conversations
* then n Deselect all conversations
* then r Select read conversations
* then u Select unread conversations
* then s Select starred conversations
* then t Select unstarred conversations
Shortcut Keys Navigation
u Back to threadlist
k / j Newer/older conversation
o or <Enter> Open conversation; collapse/expand conversation
p / n Read previous/next message
` Go to next inbox section
~ Go to previous inbox section
Shortcut Keys Application
c Compose
/ Search mail
q Search chat contacts
. Open “more actions” menu
v Open “move to” menu
l Open “label as” menu
? Open keyboard shortcut help
Shortcut Keys Actions
, Move focus to toolbar
x Select conversation
s Rotate superstar
y Remove label
e Archive
m Ignore conversation
! Report as spam
# Move to trash
r Reply
<Shift> + r Reply in a new window
a Reply all
<Shift> + a Reply all in a new window
f Forward
<Shift> + f Forward in a new window
<Shift> + n Update conversation
<Tab> then Enter Send mail
<Esc> Focus last chat mole
] / [ Remove conversation from current view and go previous/next
} / { Archive conversation and go previous/next
z Undo last action
<Shift> + i Mark as read
<Shift> + u Mark as unread
_ Mark unread from the selected message
<Ctrl> + s Save draft
+ or = Mark as important
Mark as not important
<Shift> + t Add conversation to Tasks
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