PayNearMe: Real Time Payment Processing System ties up with 7-Eleven, Amazon and Facebook

You may have heard about PayNearMe, the makers of which have been in the news for the wrong reasons earlier this year. But putting the Kwedit controversies aside, this payment product looks like the real deal and has tied up with some real big shot merchants with its launch that happened today.

PayNearMe is the solution for you, if you do not own or perhaps do not want to use plastic money for purchases. Right now, you can use this alternative payment system in more than 6000 7-Eleven outlets all over the US. You can also do the same on partner websites for purchasing stuff, repaying loans and money transfers among various other options.


What you need to do, is place an order with PayNearMe and take a print out of the receipt. Take this receipt into any affiliated 7-Eleven store near you and get it scanned. Pay in cash and your order is processed then and there.

This option is now available on Amazon, m-Via, Lexicon, Marketing, LLC, SteelSeries and many other partners. PayNearMe can be used to purchase gift cards on Amazon.

For the 7-Eleven option, the product has been integrated into the POS of the stores. The stores are notified in real time as soon as payments are processed. The PayNearMe portal can also print customized messages, which makes it ideal for selling travel tickets and insurance products.

It is evident that PayNearMe wants be more than just another online payment option. It plans to help users pay in cash always, but shop online at the same time.

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The product is meant to target the 25% of American households which do not own a credit or debit card and are left out of the online shopping scene as a result. It will be interesting to see if it succeeds, and more such products follow suit.