Share,upload files to Multiple file hosts instantly

Sharing your files online is easy,you can attach the file while composing a mail or if you have a file bigger then the space specified by mail service then you can upload to free file hosting sites.

Some of the free file top hostings sites like Rapidshare,Megaupload are popular and from time-to-time they delete the files because of the massive amount of daily uploads (Movies,Mp3 songs,documents etc).

So for this reason you can upload files to Multiple hosts and share them. The main advantage is that your files will also be uploaded to many other hosts like Rapidshare,Megaupload,zshare instantly without the effort of uploading files again and again.Also there are chances of your files being deleted soon if you upload the file to any single file host but by using Multiple upload service you will be having many alternative links to chose the download from.

Also if you are sharing files and other videos in a forum then not everyone prefers to download from same file host,so making mirror downloads is easy and effective!


Here are some of the simple and best Multi Mirror file hosting websites :

Qooy – All uploads are multi threaded which means your files will be uploaded parallely reducing time the for generating download links.

ust upload the file and it will be automatically distributed to several free file hosts.You can enter email address before uploading, and you won’t have to wait for the entire upload process to be completed. The email you receive will contain the link to the download page and also the status of the uploads.

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Upload Jockey – Upload Jockey even have a program to make money by

uploading files (Not working yet)\ ,also they upload files to many top free file hosts like,,,, and So anyone can choose the best file host they prefer and download the file.


Mass Mirror – Upload to many free host easily and mail your friends or your self for the download link,Mass mirror archives your file on other free hosts for your personal, educational, business, or professional use.If there is no downloads within 30 days then the link will be deleted.


Sharebee – Another service which distributes uploaded files to top free hosts on the Internet and \maintain those download links.When a link has no visitor in 60 days then the upload link will be automatically deleted.