Top 7 temporary disposable email services

Email services are very important as they are used in our daily life for checking mails and networking with our friends or messaging someone privately.We have seen how to receive blocked webpages using email service and also read about custom date time email service few weeks ago.

Now,registering to any new website with your email id can be sometimes risky because of the spams you will receive from that unknown site.Moreover those unknown sites will circulate your email to other sites for some money,the result will be spams over and over again.There are a lot of spam bots and mail harvesting programs which will check the whole Internet and your email id will be caught  and spammed with no mercy.Gladly most of the mail service throw them to the spam box but still you need to try having the utmost privacy as possible when it comes to your official mail id.

But another alternative is to opt for temporary/fake mail id.The reason of having  temporary mail which is disposable are quite simple

1. You don’t need to register to create a temporary mail id

2. You can register in any website using this temporary mail id which will protect your email privacy

3. The messages in your temporary disposable mail id will be automatically deleted after certain period of time.(inbox messages gets disposed/deleted )

4. You can check the mails instantly using this service.

When you can signup to any site/forum then they may ask for activating the account by logging into your email id and clicking on activation link.Instead of giving the original mail id service,you can provide temporary disposable id so that you will also activate the account and will be protected from being spammed.But there are some sites which also prevent using temporary id’s.

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There are thousand’s of services which provide free temporary id which is disposable but here are some of the best I recommend.Do let me know if I missed some best services!

Mint Email – Provides four hour temporary email address.Apart from Instant Notification on mail they also have Automatic email Verification which means you no longer have to click on the URL link to verify the email

Mailinator – Most used temporary mail id service.Visit mailinator and type in the email name where is says “Check your inbox!”, then click “Go!”,Mailinator will display the list of email waiting.Also anyone can see an email if they know the name of your fake mailinator id.

Email Bugmenot – Another instant disposable email service.Emails are auto deleted within 24 hours.

Lite drop –  Provides disposable e-mail addresses which expire after 60 Minutes,you can request for a random temporary id or you can create your own in couple of seconds.Also has automatic e-mail check option activated.

Guerilla mail – Works same as Litedrop and but email gets deleted in 15 can set the option to increase the disposing time to 1 hour.

Jetable – Create life span of your mail id and get those are actually forwarded to your orginigal mail account.They even have Firefox addon which can be downloaded from here.

Spam box – Another top temporary e-mail address service which generates you a temporary e-mail and allows you to set the disposing life span of emails received!