Unsecured Rapidshare premium account password login

Ok, this is not another trick on how to get a free Rapidshare premium account, I thought of organizing a contest in which I can giveaway a unsecured YOUR OWN Rapidshare premium accounts to the winner but later some of the guys here on blogote gave free Rapidshare password and login information to help other users which was a generous work.

We have previously written about “Free Rapidshare Premium account” and found couple of comments from people asking for accounts via email.Though I tried my best to send some of accounts to the people but the requests went on increasing everyday and therefore I have made this post with a promise to update with new unsecured & secured Rapidshare accounts everytime!  (Every week)

rapidshare premium account logo Unsecured Rapidshare premium account password login

Get Rapidshare Premium Account for Free!

I have seen many many people just posting email id’s requesting to mail them premium password and login info through the comments.Please DO NOT post your Email id as I will not entertain such comments and they will be deleted most of the times.. Make sure If you have any secured, unlocked unsecured account just post it via comments.I will update the post so that you do not have to waste time searching for working RS premium login and password in the comment section.

A big thanks to Elmer, Ammar, Lunsen, Julian, kh_bm, Colombianman for such a great commitment in providing every working rapidshare account.Not sure how they got such a huge account list of both secured and unsecured premium accounts but they are really worth appreciating.Thank you friends icon biggrin Unsecured Rapidshare premium account password login

I don’t want to post the account here as they are massive (Around 100+), so I will create text files and upload them on my server for easy access.. So here goes the updated 2009 Rapidshare Premium account lists icon biggrin Unsecured Rapidshare premium account password login

Rapidshare Premium account 2009 list Update 1 :

This list is very big as most of people contributed working accounts generously.

  • Premium account 1
  • Premium account 2
  • Premium account 3
  • Premium account 4
  • Premium account 5
  • Premium account 6

Note: I see many suckers deliberately providing fake rapidshare premium accounts to gain traffic.  Therefore I am closing the comment section.