Watch Full length Streaming Tv Shows & Serials

Youtube a video sharing site which makes around 100 million pageviews daily,maintained  by Google have recently clubbed with a television network company to showcase free TV serials in full length.These full length TV episodes & shows will have a sponsored commercial before the start of the Serial.The revenue generated will be shared by the television network company called CBS and Google.

Though there were other TV episodes which were uploaded by users from youtube but this contract has legal tv episodes which means all the featured episodes are completely copyrighted with CBS and Youtube.Also the limit of uploading videos is extended – giving us a better option to watch full length streaming videos at one place.

Some of the TV serial shows which will be screened are – Star Trek, The Young & The Restless, Beverly Hills 90210,MacGuyver and also coverage of 100 broadband channels of live college sports.This collabaration is a win-win situation which will help maintain the user base and perform well for Youtube as well as Advertisers.It will be good to see how youtube performs against the IMDB as they also have legal movies & Tv episode section!

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