Download Kies for Mac!

Installing Samsung Kies on your Mac is not a big deal. Simply download the DMG file, run the installer and you have the Kies up and running on your computer in a few minutes. In between all this, there is a problem: the application just doesn’t work on every operating system.

For instance, when Apple released Mountain Lion 10.8 operating system, Kies media player stopped working. In this article, we will provide you with links on how to run Kies on every Mac OS, irrespective of the machine you are using — be it iMac, MacBook Pro, or any Mac device.

Kies for Mac OS X Lion 10.7

For anyone still using Lion OS on Mac, install an older version of Kies (1.0) and then run the update through the “Preference” –> ”Update” menu.

Tutorial link:

Kies for Mac OS X Mountain 10.8

Solution 1: If Kies throws an “Kies does not support Mac OS X Mountain Lion” error message, then download the older version of Kies (1.3) on your Mountain Lion machine. Launch Kies and run the update from the menu to get the latest version.

Tutorial link:

Solution 2: Download the DMG file of Kies on your computer. Unarchive (or extract) the file and go through a series of process (as listed in the tutorial link below) to obtain a new Kies icon. Drag-and-drop this icon to the Applications folder.

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