Chrome 92 is now available: improvements to PiP video calls, web tracking and more

Chrome 92 is already officially coming to all devices and with each new version, we have some news, although most of the new details are in the internal part of the browser in the form of bug and security fixes, improvements, etc.

Therefore, almost a large part of the novelties that Chrome 92 brings are aspects that go unnoticed by the normal user, although they are of great importance for the correct functioning of the browser, both in terms of speed and security.

If we look at the list of news that will be visible to users , we find rather few; They affect, above all, functionalities already present in Chrome and they are really improvements of small utilities that the browser already has, so let’s see what they are next.

New controls in video call utilities

Most of the video call services have a web version, so users who use it avoid installing these programs on your computer because with the web version it is more than enough to establish communication with other people.

The novelties offered by Chrome 92 in this regard are new controls when the app is in PiP format , that is, in a floating window, so that you have the same control icons as if it were not; You will find to mute / unmute the microphone, hang up call or activate / deactivate the camera.

New button to follow webs

From now on you can also find the button to follow the content of the webs on more pages . It is something similar to subscribing to the web feed, which allows you to track what certain webs publish, such as news, but in this sense you do not have to use an RSS reader.

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The content of the websites you subscribe to or follow will now appear when you open a new tab in Chrome 92 and in the next tab, if you are bothered by what you will start to see, you can always stop following what the pages to which you publish You’re subscribed.

History renewed

Now Chrome 92 offers a new way to view browsing history , with a feature called “Memories”, in the style of what some social networks do, although it is a feature that is disabled and you have to access Chrome Flags resources .

To have all these new features in Chrome 92 and the corresponding improvements and corrections, you will have to update Chrome to the latest version, both in the version for PC and the one available for iOS and Android, in both cases available in the app stores.