Microsoft announces a new app for Xbox TV and an xCloud streaming stick

Microsoft is not trifling, and the computer giant has decided that it is time to take streaming to a new level, and for this they have announced a new app for Xbox TV and a straming stick for xCloud.

“We are working with global TV producers to bring the Game Pass experience directly to Internet-connected televisions, so this way all you need to play is a controller.”

In this way, once this xCloud streaming stick is released, all we will need is an internet connection and a control to be able to play all the games that are compatible with Microsoft’s Game Pass, which is one of the most complete. globally today.

Unfortunately, neither the app nor the streaming stick have a release date yet, but according to Phil Spencer -head of Xbox-, it will be within the next 12 months that the experience will be complete, without going into too much detail about what it will be. this new streaming stick.

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