The best countries to invest in real estate in 2022

In the article will present you a list of the best countries to acquire real estate. In it, we consider price, quality of life and other benefits as fundamental factors to be taken into account when investing in properties.


If you want to buy property in Dubai, you must be aware that this region is more attractive than the rest of the world due to its stability. Dubai’s foreign investment policies are sound and largely stable. In recent years, this country’s real estate market has continued to expand.


It is currently the country with the cheapest properties in Europe and, according to the Australian portal Compare the Market, it is the cheapest in the world. The square meter costs about 645$. In addition, this country, although a bit unstable due to its geopolitical location, is a cultural melting pot, as it is the gateway that connects the Asian and European continents. 


It has a great advantage, and this is its Golden Residence Permit Program, which makes it the country with the highest foreign investment in real estate according to the consultancy Hentley & Partners. In addition, Portugal has already integrated its real estate economy into the world of cryptocurrencies, which is why they accept transactions in this modality. Other important benefits that Portugal offers are its political stability, the fact that it is part of the European Union and its particular tourist attraction in regions such as Madeira or Lisbon.


Interest in investing and emigrating to this country has been growing steadily in recent years. Among the reasons is the fact that Canada has created attractive policies for migrants. This includes recognition of immigration status, as well as an opening to the local labor market. It is also important to note that Canada is part of the Commonwealth of the British Empire, which offers ties to the United Kingdom. In addition, the country has become almost a geographical and economic extension of the US, thanks to the agreements with that nation. Other important elements to highlight are its vast territories and that it has a very small population.

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This nation grants many facilities to foreigners who wish to settle. It is a country with a lot of economic stability and with considerable advantages at the legal level, which makes it very profitable to invest in their lands. Not surprisingly, The Economist , the prestigious financial media, ranked Australia among the 10 most livable countries. The Australian economy does not stop growing and is highly competitive, in addition, it offers one of the best salaries in the world and a great quality of life.


Although it is a country with a lot of political instability, the real estate market is currently one of the cheapest. Although Caracas, its capital, may seem unattractive due to insecurity, there are other destinations in Venezuela that are a true delight for tourism. Among those destinations we can include the Isla de Margarita.