What Are Ground Mount Solar Panels and How Do They Work?

Did you know that solar capacity across the United States was north of 135,700 megawatts as of late last year? According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, that was enough to power 24 million homes.

There are many reasons why homeowners gravitate toward solar panel systems for some or all of their energy needs.

From gaining independence from the power grid to being good stewards of the environment, homeowners increasingly appreciate the benefits of solar panels. What do you do, however, if you don’t want them on your roof?

Continue reading to learn about ground mount solar panels and how they work.

What Are Ground Mount Solar Panels

Ground mounted solar panels are solar power systems set up on the ground rather than on your roof. These free-standing systems consist of solar panels affixed to poles or metal frames — whichever option you want.

Why would you go this route? Consider the following reasons:

  1. Solar panels might mess with the aesthetics of your home.
  2. Your roof design might not be conducive to solar panels.
  3. You might want to avoid having to remove and then reinstall solar panels if the roof needs to be redone.

Going with a ground mounted solar system means you’ll have several placement options. Of course, you can depend on a solar company to recommend the best areas for your solar panel system.

Learn about solar power to determine what goes into choosing the right company for your equipment and installation needs.

How Do Ground Mount Solar Panels Work?

Remember that ground mounted solar panels work similarly to roof mounted solar panels.

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When the sun’s rays make contact with a solar panel, the energy is absorbed by the solar panel’s photovoltaic cells. The electrical current is transformed into a usable energy current that you can then tap into.

But what are some of the advantages of ground mount solar installation? Continue reading to see some of the critical benefits you must know about.

Simpler to Expand

One reason to choose a ground mounted solar system over a rooftop solar system is that the former is easier to expand than the latter.

If you need to expand capacity in the future by adding different types of solar panels, it won’t be a hassle if your system is on the ground. A professional solar system installer can easily add more solar panels.

Also, consider that the size and configuration of your roof will determine how many solar panels can be installed on it. You could run out of space.

Safer Option for Your Home

While a reputable and experienced solar panel system company will install your system safely, some risks remain. A solar system on your roof can pose some fire risks, albeit small, due to the electrical grounds being on the roof.

A ground mounted system, however, will be a safe distance from your home. Depending on your property’s size, you can set it up out of sight.

Simpler to Maintain

You’ll also find that ground mounted panels are easier to maintain than rooftop solar panels. One obvious reason is that the former are easier to access. No one will have to climb a ladder to access the solar panels.

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When someone walks on your roof, there’s always the risk of damage to your solar panels. That’s one reason you should have professionals work on your roof. Doing it yourself might cost you if you damage the solar panels.

Take the System if You Move

What if you invest in a solar panel system and move a year or two after doing so? While you could leave the solar panel system in place and charge a premium for your home, you could also take the unit with you.

Doing so might be a hassle if it’s a rooftop system. But it’ll be less time- and labor-intensive if it’s a ground mounted solar panel system. You can have a solar panel uninstall it and then reinstall it on your new property.

That’ll be an option if prospective homebuyers aren’t willing to pay the premium that a home with a solar panel system commands.

Generate More Electricity

A ground mount solar panel unit might be more productive at generating electricity on a per-panel basis than a rooftop solar panel unit. One reason is that the former isn’t dependent on the size and configuration of your roof.

With a ground mount system, you can also be more creative with angles. So, you’ll be able to generate more electricity that way.

Operate More Efficiently

Another reason to go with a ground mounted option over a rooftop option is that a ground mounted solar panel system will operate more efficiently. Why? It’ll afford more air circulation than panels pressed against a roof.

That means that there’ll be fewer concerns about the panels overheating.

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Ground Mount Solar Panels Are the Way to Go

Are you considering ways to lower your monthly utility bills? Do you want options if a natural disaster or inclement weather knocks the power system offline? Are you interested in being independent of the utility grid?

If so, getting a solar power system is something to consider. And, as you can see, there are reasons to opt for ground mount solar panels over rooftop solar panels. A solar panel company can help you decide which is best for you.

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