What Are The Best Back Workout Exercises?

Are you experiencing pain or discomfort in your back? 

Don’t go for traditional workouts for other parts of the body. Instead, learn about the best back workout exercises and how to build muscle and relieve chronic pain in your back.

Don’t delay. Continue reading to find out all about the benefits of exercising your back and how to perform the best back workout exercises while protecting your body.


It is a type of weightlifting during which the weight is lifted off the floor, and the hips and shoulder blades move upwards. The deadlift activates the muscles of the back, hips, and legs to perform as one unit, creating maximum tension on the back muscles and core. 

For those trying to build strength, it is best to choose a weight that is close to your one-rep max and perform one to three sets of eight to ten repetitions. For those trying to gain size, performing four to six sets with heavier weights and fewer repetitions is recommended.

Bent-Over Row

It is an effective and efficient exercise for targeting large, multi-joint muscles of the upper and mid back as well as the posterior deltoid and scapular area.

It is also a great exercise for building a solid core as well as stabilizing the entire posterior chain. When performing a bent-over row, it is important to keep your torso tight and back flat. 


PullUp exercises are essential for building strength, improving posture, and boosting upper-body muscular endurance. Pull-ups work many of the muscles in the upper body, from the upper back to the bicep muscles, shoulders, and even core muscles.

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When doing a pull-up, make sure that the grip is wide enough to allow your shoulder blades to retract and your elbows to bend outwards. Make sure that your chest is up and your chin is over the bar, and pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar. 

T-Bar Row

The T-bar Row is one of the best exercises for building a strong, sculpted back. The exercise can involve either a barbell or a Tbar machine and is a great way to target both the lats and the mid-lower back.

When using the barbell, the lifter stands behind the bar, using an overhand grip, and pulls it up towards the chest, feeling the contraction in the upper and middle back muscles.

When using the T-bar machine, the lifter stands in front of the bar, using both hands, and pulls the bar up, feeling the contraction in the lower back. 

Seated Row

The Seated row is one of the best back exercises to work on developing back strength and size. This exercise is usually done on a seated row machine, which is designed to help work all the main muscle groups of the back.

Therefore, the best back workout exercises include a variety of movements that engage each muscle group of the back. Variations such as wide grip, narrow grip, barbell rows, bent-over rows, and underhand pull-ups can help to build different areas of the back. 

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Learn The Best Back Workout Exercises

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The best back workout exercises vary depending on what goals you’re trying to reach, but the key is to focus on exercises that target all of the muscles of the back. Try some of the exercises you’ve just learned about to maximize your results. 

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