What is hosting and how to choose a reliable hosting provider

No website can be secured without reliable hosting. After buying a domain, the question arose – where to place the site files themselves? domain registrars require a hosting feature, but most often the choice of servers comes down to preferences and preferences. In this article, we looked at hosting and how to choose the most reliable option.

Hosting is a fundamental service that is necessary for the functioning of any site. It consists in providing a hosting provider to rent disk space, which will later host a website. The physical location of the server can be completely different, but many providers have the option to choose a location. This directly affects the speed of loading pages and the site for users.

Reliable hosting providers like Zomro provide their users not only with disk space for hosting a site, but also guarantee high server uptime with protection against DDOS attacks. Thus, any site functions with the participation of hosting.


About hosting providers and their services

A hosting provider is a company that has its own data centers that store information posted by customers. Often this is website data. When choosing a service provider, it is important to be careful and carefully check the reputation of each company. The operation of your site and the convenience for its visitors depend on this.

Among the main hosting services you can find: Shared hosting (for small sites), VPS (for medium and large projects with an active audience), virtual server (for full ownership of a separate server) and so on. A detailed list of services can be found on the website of each company separately. Often, they differ in the cost and characteristics of the server hardware provided.

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Features of the services

Virtual hosting or shared hosting is a popular type of service. Its advantages are ease of use and affordable cost. In this case, all files are placed on the server together with other resources. This is the best option for small sites.

For serious projects, shared hosting is not suitable. For large, well-promoted sites, a VPS server (VDS) is suitable. In this case, the resources are located in isolation from each other. Here you can use your own software. VPS (VDS) is used for online stores, for storing large amounts of information. The user has the ability to add or remove new information. The user can manage the server himself. If he does not have the necessary skills and knowledge to manage the server, hosting providers provide additional services.

If there is a need to rent the entire server, in this case a dedicated server will do. This is an expensive option, but multifunctional.

What should be emphasized when choosing a hosting

Before choosing a hosting provider, it is recommended to study several offers. You should pay attention to the duration of the company’s work, the list of services provided, the prices, you can read reviews on the Internet.

A mandatory item is a wide range of tariff plans. It is important that the company offers options for a wide range of audiences, ranging from owners of small websites to large companies with a network of online stores.

The quality of technical support is also important, it is desirable that it works around the clock. An important criterion is the throughput, on which the speed of work depends. Reliable providers offer DDoS protection.

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