What is the ideal distance for a 50 inch TV?

When acquiring a new television, it is sometimes necessary to rearrange the living room to accommodate the new device. If you have opted for a 50-inch TV, it must be positioned at a good distance from your sofa. This is an essential factor for taking advantage of all the features of your television and maximizing your comfort. Here are some recommendations to follow to find the ideal distance.

Televisions are of better quality than before. They therefore allow you to get closer to the screen without being able to distinguish the pixels. 4K models allow you to view the screen from less than a meter away without straining your vision . High definition is a real revolution in the television market. If you live in a small space, prioritize quality over screen size.

By taking the following elements into account, you will be able to find the ideal distance for  your 50-inch TV :

  • screen quality ;
  • the size of your room;
  • your personal preferences;
  • the type of program you are watching;
  • the diagonal size of your screen.

A specific angle for the field of vision

It is interesting to know that the average field of vision of an adult covers an angle of 120° horizontally. However, it can distinguish shapes in a more restricted field of 40°. Maximum acuity, where he manages to read shapes and colors , occurs in a field of only 3 to 5°.

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