WhatsApp vs Telegram: Which One is Better?

The truth is that the main function of both apps is the same: to allow people to exchange messages for free. Those who defend WhatsApp often say that the option is better because it is more widespread, which makes it easier to find all the contacts in a single application. Those who prefer Telegram use the argument that the resources present in the application are more complete than those of the competition. We separate some aspects that differentiate the two messengers.

My friends are there – win WhatsApp

While WhatsApp already has more than 1.5 billion users, Telegram is in the 400 million range. A survey revealed that 97% of mobile phones in Spain have WhatsApp installed, while only 27% have access to Telegram.

So the argument used by WhatsApp supporters is still true. The possibility of a contact with you by having the application installed is greater than that of your competitor, and this facilitates communication.

No number needed: Telegram point

On Telegram, you don’t need to know someone’s number to add it to your contacts. It is possible to do it through the username, for example. The function, which is not present in WhatsApp, simplifies the process.

Channels, secret chats and special features: point to Telegram

One of the main arguments of the defenders of Telegram is that it has many more functions than WhatsApp. And this is true. In the application, it is possible to create channels, for example. Unlike groups, they are used to convey messages to large groups and have an unlimited number of participants.

Secret talks are another attraction. In them, it is possible to schedule a time for the messages to self-destruct after the recipient reads them, increasing privacy.

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In addition, Telegram has other special features, such as the ability to play music within the application. It is also possible to edit messages already sent, facilitating the correction of typographical errors, for example.

Video call: point to WhatsApp

A widely used feature in WhatsApp is video calls. Recently, the application has increased its capacity and allows calls from up to eight users at the same time.

In times of social isolation, the tool is very important and widely used. And, for now, there is no similar feature available on Telegram, which only allows voice calls.

Guaranteed safety: point for both

Both WhatsApp and Telegram are known to be secure messaging platforms. However, the difference is in the type of encryption used.

WhatsApp uses the famous end-to-end encryption, which means that the message can only be read by the sender and the recipient and that throughout the “journey” from one end to the other, it is fully encrypted.

On Telegram, there is a “stop” in the middle of the road. The messages go through an application server and there is an encryption between the end and the server. But that means that in the meantime, they can be decoded.

The application, however, offers maximum security for users who are interested in it, since messages sent in secret chats do not have contact with the server and have end-to-end encryption.