Apple iPad Vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab Vs. ViewSonic G Tablet Vs. Dell Streak

By Sidharth | Apple

Talk about the best tablet for consumers and the list never ends. Of course, the Apple iPad supremacy prevails in the tablet market, but there are quite a good number of tablet device floating around that are attracting fair bit of attention.

Apart from the Apple iPad, we have: Samsung Galaxy tablet, ViewSonic, Dell Streak, Motorola, Archos, ExoPC slate and plenty more tablets. And its always important to pick up the tablet that suits your need. So, let the infographics do the talking..



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xiaoa September 25, 2010

Wether from the aspect of features or the popularity, I will choose the ipad, the most important reazon is that the screen size is very comfortable, which can make me enjoying movies on my ipad, not so, i also order a Aneesoft dvd to ipad converter and Netflix app, both all can make my “home theater” more perfect!

    JC November 27, 2010

    Well, if I was to choose a device, I would say the Galaxy Tablet or the Viewsonic would be the one to use. The ipad is cool but the most important part for me is the availability of Flash which is not native to Ipad which means you can not stream movies like Hulu unless you subscribe to Hulu Plus which is a paid site.

Tchoutcha September 25, 2010

where’s the exo pc??? Its a tablet using his own ui it has win7.

    RugbyGuy September 26, 2010

    I think the above chart is great and I too would love to see the Exo PC Slate listed on there. Other than the battery life I think it has the rest beat in the other categories, but it would be nice to see the size comparisons with it.

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