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They are everywhere, these Apple rumors.

Search Google news for Apple rumor and you’re likely to find news, rumors, and speculations on the upcoming Apple products. From iPhone to iPad, iMac to MacBook, everything Apple trademarked has a huge fan following.

Sites to follow Apple Rumors

Apple never announces what’s in the pipeline for the Apple fans around the world, and that’s what makes rumors a delight to follow. Apple’s modus operandi is to remain mum, while sites like Macrumors, BGR, 9to5Mac generates the much-needed buzz on the Internet. These sites take pride in discovering and speculating everything related to Apple.

But, as one would expect, most of the rumors and news are reprocessed from other sites, and the accuracy of these unrefined rumors are, unfortunately, very low.

An interesting analysis put together by Shawn King from Stupid Apple Rumor site debunks the sites promoting Apple rumors. In a limited time frame of two and a half month, popular sites covering Apple news and rumors where tracked down, and the massive list of 130 websites covering Apple news were scrutinized, their rumors processed, checked against facts, and finally, five sites made it into the elite group of genuine Apple sites.

Here is the list of top five Apple rumor sites:

Website Name Rumors published
Rumor Success Rate
9to5Mac 51 7%
Apple Insider 46 4%
BGR 42 2%
MacRumors 50
CultofMac 31

All of these sites covering rumors related to Apple have a poor accuracy rate. The site ranking first, 9to5Mac, managed to publish stories first, yet their success rate is not even 20%. The rest of the sites haven’t really converted rumors into facts, which brings us to our question: do we really need to follow these rumors?

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Shawn King October 30, 2011

Thanks for the story/link but I have to include a correction.

Your chart says that 9to5Mac’s numbers are 51 rumors and 31% correct. That’s not accurate.

Out of the 51 rumors they published, 23 were original to 9to5Mac – that is, originating with their own sources and not simply reprinted/recycled from other web sites.

You are correct that they are responsible for 31% of the rumors we have tracked but that’s not how accurate they are.

Out of the 23 rumors they originated in the time frame Stupid Apple Rumors has been tracking them, four have been marked as true – a 17% success rate on their own rumors and only 7% overall.

Hope that clears things up a little bit.

    Sidharth November 1, 2011

    Thanks, Shawn. Article is updated.

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