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Iphone ,one of the smartest product by Apple has some excellent specification at cheap price.There are various application released for Iphone and one worth-mentioning application is iPhone Ringtone Converter which is a powerful Apple iPhone ringtones maker, editor and creator+converter. You don’t have to buy mp3 ringtones from Itunes once again,if you use Iphone Ringtone converter then making a mp3 to iphone compabitle ringtone is pretty easy and also free.


IPhone Ringtone Maker application lets you create your own ringtones by converting the .mp3, .wav, .ogg music files format to ringtone based format.Also you can edit the ringtone sound by using fade in and fade out sound effects which enhances the experience of the sound which can be uploaded to your Iphone.

To create a ringtone using this freeware application,you have to right click on any .mp3, .wav, .ogg song stored in your computer hard disk and click on “create a ringtone”,send to your Iphone directly in couple of seconds.You are done!.

Here are some of the conversion possibilities :

  • MP3 to iPhone Ringtone, MP3 as iPhone Ringtone Converter.
  • WAV to iPhone Ringtone, WAV as iPhone Ringtone Converter.
  • OGG to iPhone Ringtone, OGG as iPhone Ringtone Converter.

Iphone Ringtone Maker and convertor supports Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 2003.Mac users can’t try their hands on this freeware application.Do use this freeware,make many ringtones on your iPhone and  enjoy the random playing of your favorite ringtones!

Download Iphone Ringtone Application

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Intellitext link much? Come on

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that is very nice

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Thanks Stumbled

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Great stuff, I was just talking today about how I’d love to be able to have my songs as ringtones on iPhone. Thanks

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