Clever Background images for your iPhone

By Sidharth | Apple

There are thousands of background images and wallpapers one can download off the Internet, buy only a few are really worth using. Here are a few clever wallpaper backgrounds that deserves a chance to stay on your iPhone.

Beautiful background images for iPhone

Here’s my new favorite, and the one I am using right now on my iPhone 4S. There are two images: one is for your iPhone’s homescreen, the other for your iPhone’s lock screen. These blue wallpapers fits perfectly on any iPhone.

Home Screen wallpaper:

Homescreen Blue iPhone Wallpaper

Lock Screen wallpaper:

blue lockscreen background for iPhone

Via Reddit

If anyone is interested, this was the wallpaper I was using on my iPhone 4S for 6 months or so. It still remains as one of my favorite wallpaper:

Black beautiful wallpaper on iPhone 4S

Few more iPhone wallpapers

Blue iPhone icon wallpaper

Colorful iPhone Galaxy wallpaper

Grey iPhone wallpaper

Brown iPhone wallpaper

Did you like any of them? Feel free to let me know your favorite iPhone wallpaper.

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