Watch Apple iPad being Destroyed with Blendtec Blender [Youtube]

By Sidharth | Apple

Blendtec, is a popular geek-channel on Youtube not just because they are manufacturer of the household blender, but, because they destory gadgets using the blender which is definitely a clever marketing ploy.

Among many, I, too, love Blendtec videos on Youtube which is unique in its own way! You might also watch their video on hammering Apple iPhone to its death.

Anyway, as we look into the review of iPad with those exclusive sleek features and business advantages, we find Apple iPad to be extremely sensitive. But, the guys over at Blendtec want to destroy Apple iPad completely with their powerful blender. Will it blend?

Watch How Blendtec Destroys Apple iPad 🙁

Source: Engadget

Of course, the aluminum back from the iPad went missing if you’ve had a closer look into the video. But, Blendtec have definitely managed to entertain us at the cost of their iPad.

You can also check out the Blendtec official Youtube channel (click here) to see how some of the cute and expensive gadgets are dismantled and blended mercilessly. Question is whether to buy iPad, or the Blender 😛

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Netchunks April 6, 2010

Damn man, that is too bad…they could have given me that Ipad. Such a waste. Truly mate that is “Cruelty towards Ipad” 😛

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