Beautiful Transparent Cell Phones Concept

Here is a list of another concept-based mobile phones that are posh and would be awesome if available in the future.

Transparent cell phones are a new cell phone concept but it is kind of awkward to assume it’s existence in reality when we begin to wonder about the speaker, camera, internal battery accommodation (who knows we might see them reality!).

Keeping the real benefits of making an cell phone concept behind, let’s look into some of the best and beautiful transparent cell phones concept.

Transparent Mobile Phone by Mac

An excellent concept from Mac Funamizu of Tokyo who designed this cell phone concept that has been quite popular online.

flip_transparent_phone mobile_transparent_screen

mobile_screen_glass transparent_cellphone

This glass concept transparent phone is a flip open phone made out of fragile glass. Pretty cool! Hope it’s unbreakable as well.

Windows Transparent Cellphone

This is another awesome cell phone which is not only confined to transparent nature, but also includes auto weather mode which switches itself depending on the weather condition. Check out the pics

rainy_mobile_concept snow_mobile_phone

This windows mobile phone is made out of thin sheet and once you blow on the screen it will turn into hand writing mode, and use your finger to text message or call.

transparent_cell_phone transparent_blow_concept

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    Hello my dear web users you must reed the info about the pic it is only concept this mobiles are not med it is under progress do you all watch the movies witch are sintific based like “total recall” like that it is only concept but i sure we can get like this phones in 2020

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    where is the speaker?how to talk?can make call without talking?

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    where it si available & wat about prise of model.urgent

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    i wanna know price for this cellphone it's feature when it'll be launch at market?.

  • khpacpa

    i wanna know price for this cellphone it's feature when it'll be launch at market?.

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    where it si available & wat about prise of model