Droid X Self Destruct Mechanism After Jailbreak Attempt

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

For all you folks who love to hack, jailbreak, mod and tweak your smartphones (and take a fair bit of joy in doing so!) here’s a real dampener. Hope this doesn’t spoil your day, but fiddling with the Motorola Droid X software can destroy your phone for good. This, due to the eFuse tamper-defense mechanism built in the hottest gadget in town.

Phone manufacturers have always been at loggerheads with people who love to use the phone the way they want, by modding it. But Motorola takes this war to an all new level. How else can you explain this new system which will simply waste your phone if you tamper with the OS?

This eFuse, true to its name will ‘trip’ if it fails to verify firmware information when you start the phone up. This firmware information is what you call ROM in modding lingo. So if you load up custom ROM’s and start up the phone the eFuse is pressed into action.

Once it fails to verify desired firmware information, the booting process becomes corrupted and you have a dead duck in your hands! It is a rewritable module and so, can be repaired, but only by Motorola, without proprietary hardware and software which no one knows about.

And you can be pretty sure that Motorola is not going to repair a phone which you bricked on purpose. They put this mechanism in place so that you cannot tamper with the phone, and if you do, well enjoy!

So what’s the key takeaway from this?

Two things actually, spring to mind. One, it is indeed a sad scenario for those who love to customize locked down phones. Droid X has been one of the most eagerly anticipated launches of the season and that it would be loaded with such a hideous defense-mechanism, was completely unknown.

On the other hand, this is a completely good reason not to try and jailbreak your Droid X. It is a good enough phone to own with pride, rather than lust for customizing it and sulk in the failure to do so.

But as a final take on this eFuse mechanism, it would be fair to say that Motorola has pushed the envelope this time around. There is no way in which a phone which people will buy with their hard earned money can be justifiably bricked just because they may want to opt for some customization. A big thumbs-down to the Droid X for this!

Update: It’s Rooting, and not jailbreak. My bad! (Thanks to ePandu)

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Jwr February 8, 2011

Everyone who is bashing the droid x is crazy ive had mine for like 8 or 9 months and I have no problem with it everything is good!!! You go try to download an app on the iphone and you will be thereall year long when the droid downloads it in a couple seconds. And the battery life on any phone is going to be good when your on it all day all you have to do is turn the brightness all the way down and its still crazy bright and your battery will last all day like mine…. And can you swype on the iphone keyboard I don’t think so….

John W January 24, 2011

You guys really need to get off the microsoft tit yes the iphone is a really cool phone I havve had my droid x for three months and not one complaint I think what you don’t like is the market instead of itunes oh and the customizing that you can do on the I phone can also be done on the droid x. Funny thing is you actually have to have brain power to know. How to do it because my ten year old nephew can crack the iphone the droid x does have a safe guard on it but you can bypass with out buying any program. But my own opion they are great phones and you can’t say att has even come close to what Verizon is doing. I love thought how att say they cover 95% of america because I must live in that other 5%

Chris January 14, 2011

Alan, what the heck is wrong with you. How do you even call on that iphone. This post is proudly from a droid x, and verizons fast 3g network. Which is now at 5 bars. Compared to my friends ONE bar in new york. A sad article just bashing the droid.

Rand December 29, 2010

Alan is not an idiot. Anyone who’s used an iPhone extensively will recognize the Droid D for what it is….junk. I have an iPhone 4 and the Droid X…which is a dog with fleas with sub-par battery life. As for the dazzling “Wi-Fi Hot Spot” feature.? What a rip off. Yes, it works great…providing you’re willing to shell out an additional $20 a month for the additional data on top of the $30 you’re already pating for your “unlimited” data package required for the not-so-smart phone. False advertising at it’s best. Add all this to the fact that Verizons 3G is painfully slow, nor can you talk on the phone and access data at the same time and you have a useless, overpriced basic cell phone. Verizon may have the edge on voice coverage but seriously..how many people really buy a smart phone to be merely a cell phone?

Jim November 25, 2010


Ditto. I agree. De4finitely needs a firmware upgrade and serious reengineering

The Droid X in comparison to the iPhone 3gs:

Here is my experience with my two month old DroidX.

The DroidX is SLOW at everything — and I mean effectively and not clock speed wise. Reading email, loading web pages etc… All go slower on the DroidX. — That is the big reason it is lousy.

The DroidX does not scroll worth a crap — side to side scroll in particular — almost does not work. This alone is a good reason to jailbreak this piece of junk.

Touch in general is very flakey and no ability to calibrate or adjust sensitivity is available — again good reason to jailbreak.

The DroidX burns through battery a lot faster and runs a lot hotter even with practically everything turned off.

The Physical design must have been done by the biggest mental midget availabe… the natural tendency of the phone when held normally — FALL ON THE FREAKIN FLOOR….instead of making it a slab it is a top heavy wants to fall junker. The battery should have been made larger (my what a concept something that might last all day) and the phone could have had an almost perfect weight distribution like the iPhone —- hmmm. The physical design of the iPhone is hard to improve upon — why try?

So I now wish I had a provider that could accept an iPhone 3gs because I would certainly revert back at this point. Its not a matter of getting used to it…. Its just a crappy smart phone that is simply a mediocre attempt to keep up with Apple.

The fact that Motorola does not want it jailbroken or rooted is just another reason to go away — for those of you who think Apple or Microsoft are bad — this is equally lame because it simply lacks performance. Simply put the DroidX is the worst phone I have owned to date, it does not deliver what it promises. I am not looking for extras – just what it should be able to do and promises to do.

I will take my functional Apple product over this hunk of crap.

Anyhow my list goes on — its not a matter of customization — its a matter of a poorly engineered and executed product. motorola should be digging a hole to hide in.

Zach November 11, 2010

Alan, you’re an idiot. Don’t ever post here again.

Brian August 20, 2010

Dirty Bastards. I’ve only had my Droid X for 2 days now and was looking forward to some customizing.

alan July 25, 2010

The droid x definatly needs some firmware updating as there are multile problems with he operating system

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