Mac Slow Motion Genie and Scale Effect With Shift Key

By Sidharth | Apple

Genie effect and Scale effect are the two options available on Mac OS machines to minimize any open window. Both these eye-catching effects have been known for beautifully sliding down any open window onto the dock.

This is how a window minimizes with the Genie effect on a Mac:

The Slow Motion Effect

Hold the Shift key while minimizing any number of windows on your Mac and see the magic: The window minimizes in slow motion.

Probably you already know about this effect — this isn’t a trick, but a well-known feature added to the Mac OS. It is interesting to note that these effects were available from the past 11 years — when the Mac OS was first introduced.

Here is the video of Steve Jobs demonstrating Mac OS X for the first time and showing off the Genie effect and slowmo animation: onlookers are awed when the window minimizes:

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