Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Kotaku and Other Gawker Sites Gets Redesigned

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I usually bury my head in the sand when I hear about established sites getting a makeover, but today is different. Today, I am bored.

Of late, one of the successful online media company, Gawker Media, has redesigned its set of weblogs. Out of all the 10 weblogs, the ones that I follow —,,, and — have been updated with the new design. The new design that not everyone seem to adore.

The overly done redesign has sparked debate among the readers, mostly structured by the negative remarks. The design might have been impressive on the Photoshop, but the outcome is painful — really, the site is practically unusable as it takes forever to load the sidebar.

The right sidebar frame, said to be lighter and faster, fails to load on my browser. I can feel the ruggedness while scrolling through the end of the page, and the design will drive you crazy if you are surfing these sites on a non-Firefox browser — Internet Explorer, that is.

Gizmodo on Internet Explorer:

Gizmodo on Opera browser:

Needless to say, Internet explorer users will quit browsing the Gawker network of sites. Or, they may have to quit using their favorite browser forever.

On the positive side, there are new addition in the design where you can flip through the pages, use keyboard shortcut to scroll through the latest posts and play along with the ajax-like top buttons. Although these Gawker sites have brought the design and functionality down to the level of the content, there are big block of advertisements that you’ll notice on the header and in the content part. Well, I have them too.

I’ll avoid nagging about the new design (FYI, I am not pulling my hair out of frustration), but this is something that I had to vent it out. As someone points out on the feedback forum, the option to switch to the old design would be a good move. Are you listening, Team Gawker?

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rpanic March 7, 2011

Site sucks donkey now, unreadable and slow.

fallsoff March 2, 2011

As to the ‘new and improved’ (?##$@&**!!!!!) Lifehacker.
Horrible and totally unusable with Opera on a 12.1″ Dell D400 series laptop. I am a loyal and long term Lifehacker fan and i can’t even email them in complaint because the new design blocks everything and renders me restless, irritale and discontented I am looking for a workaround, but none appears.

Please let Gina know that this change bigtime! i hate to leave Lifehacker, but better that than the aggravation and wasted time I now expeience!

I emailed them... February 20, 2011

The gawker site for advertisers is, and will probably stay, the classic design. I emailed them through that site and I got a response about how to view the classic versions of the sites. Yes, I had the same difficulty finding a way to contact them through the gizmodo. I told them I’d have to let my eyeballs consume @ engadget.

So sad!

neil February 16, 2011

I too have stopped visiting Kotaku just because of this. You can count my many page views gone.

steve February 16, 2011

on firefox, the gawker sites aren’t working at all anymore. The first post is ok, then when you click into the 2nd it just twirls the loading icon forever if you use the right arrow, which is the only way to use the keyboard to go from post to post. If you manually click the posts they are readable. I’ll be at engadget. Sorry jizmodo, you’ve lost one of your regulars with this doozy.

Res February 11, 2011

Terrible redesign. I used to visit Gizmodo daily along with Kotaku but now it’s so hard to read what I’m interested in because of the dominating featured article. And that terrible scroll article menu on the right that you really can’t tell is a menu to find other articles. Giant ads get in the way of articles.

The straw that broke the camels back was the featured article today “How to Cheat Online” guide with some busty woman spread across a bed and how to create an alibi to anyone. What’s next? How to plot the perfect crime, make illegal drugs, smuggle contraband?

I’m done with Gizmodo too.

john February 11, 2011

Just my two cents (a day late and a dollar short, as usual) in case someone at Gawker is listening. Haven’t been able to load your site AT ALL since the redesign. Bummer – used to read Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Lifehacker every day. Now can’t see any of them. Maybe it’s the crappy ‘net connection (T1) where I am, but c’mon – I miss them. RIP.

darrin February 10, 2011

It will be interesting to see how many readers they lose with this abomination of a redesign.

The new design is horrible on every level. I used to visit gizmodo daily. Since the redesign, i haven’t read a single article. I’ve visited 3 times, each time thinking that i’d give it a fair shot. 20 seconds later I give up. It just isn’t worth the effort and annoyance.

Chris Miller February 10, 2011

I’m a little late, but I just took at look at the redesign. Man, that’s horrible.

Jon February 10, 2011

Agreed! Hopefully if they see enough people complaining about the redesign and their traffic falling flat, they’ll switch back…

Giz used to be my homepage and favorite time-waster.

Justin February 10, 2011

The original site can be seen at… at least for now

Joe February 9, 2011

I used to go there everyday and read the articles, but now it’s a complete and utter mess. I have to use IE8 at work, so now when I go to Gizmodo, it thinks I’m a mobile device, so I have to click on the “classic” link, then click on the list view button just to read anything. The design is a complete failure. I will NOT be going back to this or any of it’s affilated sites until the design changes. Bye bye for now Giz.

Kevino del torro February 8, 2011

I feel like Gawker broke up with me. I no longer visit any of their sites thanks to the “update”. I mean I used to sit on their sites and just scroll for days reading stories. Now, Ive been there twice today and three or four time yesterday; tomorrow I doubt I’ll even “give it another try”.

I’m done with Gawker since they’ve seemed to be done with me.

A Jones February 8, 2011

I was trying to complain about the new design but had no F’in idea where to , LOL

I had to come here to moan about it, I really cant even work out what is going on there at all. Now looking to see if I can get it at least on RSS or searching somewhere else for a single page of stuff

John February 8, 2011

I’ve just deleted Gizmodo from my blogs folder (I usually open up the folder in tabs at least once a day) as the new design is terrible. Form over content.

Josh February 8, 2011

sepp said,
” I read them because I get a snippet of info that helps me decide if I want to read more. Sometimes I see a cool photo and I want to investigate more. I got all this without having to do anything but scroll.”

Exactly my thought on this too, I really dislike the redesign and will probably visit these sites less and less.

Jared February 8, 2011

I loved Gizmodo. They’ve gone from one of my favorite sites to a mess over night. They’re forcing me to read what THEY think is interesting by using 80% of my screen with a giant article, then they scrunched what I’m interested in over to the side…

At least there’s still Engadget. Hopefully they won’t follow in the Gizmodo off the cliff.

PS. I tried to leave a comment on their site. I can’t even find where to leave comments.

sepp February 8, 2011

I have to say the real harm here is that I don’t read these sites for the headlines. I read them because I get a snippet of info that helps me decide if I want to read more. Sometimes I see a cool photo and I want to investigate more. I got all this without having to do anything but scroll. Current design takes too much effort and I don’t want to be SOLD the SAME add everytime I load a page. Imagine if every commercial in your hour long show was the same…… I have to say, the advertisers may have won this, but they will lose me. I don’t want to be SOLD TO!

Matt February 8, 2011

It works fine in Opera. You obviously have JS disabled as that is the page you get when you do.

It comes with the bad JS heavy redesign.

PM5K February 7, 2011

It’s horrible. I usually read Giz 80% of the time and Engadget 20% of the time but that’s about to flip the other way around, and I might not even read Giz 20%, maybe less.

Carl February 7, 2011

What a piece of shit they re-designed Giz into. SLOOOOOWWWWW….
I just changed the order of my tech news sites and put Engadget before Giz.

Chris February 7, 2011

Which version of IE is that?? It looks fine on 7, 8 and 9. That looks like it might even be 5.5….

I don’t like it either, crawls along on my netbook and no longer has the simple and clean feel that set it apart from other websites. Also, Georgia is a nice font but not when it’s this overused.

Jay February 7, 2011

Just discovered it. Hate it. Thought I was accidentally on mobile optimized version of the site.

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