HP Touchpad Tablet Price and Release Date Details

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The booming of the deluged tablet industry has benefited consumers for the better. And it seems like yet another behemoth manufacturer, HP this time, is all set to take up the challenge of making a solid entry into the tablet industry with its flagship WebOS tablet: HP Touchpad.

The HP Touchpad tablet rumors are hitting the streets like never before. Based on the rumors, the device is likely to triumph against its competitor, at least to a certain extent — HP believes that it is well-positioned to challenge the likes of Motorola Xoom and the PlayBook.

Although HP hasn’t official announced the release date and pricing details of the tablet, there are rumors of the tablet hitting the stores in the coming months.


HP Touchpad tablet is the first device powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060 1.20GHz processor. Running on Palms’ Web operating system, HP Touchpad tablet sports a 9.7 inch capacitive touch display with 1GB of memory under its hood. Among the slew of features the device has to offer, front-facing 1.3 MP camera, custom e-mail client, Adreno 220 graphics processing core, Bluetooth, etc., are the notable specs of HP touchpad tablet.

Release date of HP Touchpad Tablet

According to the latest leaks surfacing on the web, HP is hoping to bring the device out in the market by the end of this year. However, the release date of the HP touchpad tablet is said to happen anywhere during the month of June, likely after the launch of the iPhone 5.

The device will be available in two variants: 16GB and 32GB, with the 3G and 4G models coming out soon after.

Price of HP Touchpad Tablet

Priced at $699, HP touchpad tablet is $100 cheaper than the rumored price of Motorola Xoom. At first, the price of HP Touchpad may seem a little too high, but the pricing is not outrageous, especially when you consider the great deal of features and sleek hardware bundled with the device.

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David February 21, 2011

I am very excited about the Touchpad – however I am also VERY disappointed with HP. Their CEO all but promised that they would quit making promises for devices months before they were released – the Palm way. I was really hoping that when HP bought Palm they would get rid of all the idiots in Palm management. Their CEO just wishes he was Jobs. Come on, get rid of this old guard. They managed to kill a company (Palm) that was a decade ahead of everyone in the touchscreen market. The marketing department should be fired – plain and simple. By the time the device comes out, it will be months late and all the hype will be gone. Idiots! Oh well, might be time to finally join the sheep on the Apple side – I was so hoping to avoid that, but the rest of the crowd are just morons.

Red380 February 13, 2011

Wow, I can hardly wait. For $200 more, i can get a camera on an iPad competitor. Are they crazy?!

To compete with an iPad, tablet manufacturers have to come up with waaayy more than that. People were in a tizzy over the iPad costing way too much, competitors need to bring much more than a camera. Then you have the Motorola coming along at $300 more?

I don’t see much competition when it comes to looking at the price comparison to what you get in the tablet PC. $799 for a Motorola Wifi only model? Really?!

    nightspark February 13, 2011

    The TouchPad has a dual core cpu, 4X the RAM, USB port and real multitasking. The prices in the post aren’t even confirmed. The $799 Xoom has 32GB memory and includes 3G. It also has a 1280X800 screen. A similarly spec iPad costs $729 (but only has a 1024X768 screen). If you’re going to troll get your facts straight.



      Sidharth February 14, 2011

      I thought I made it VERY clear that the pricing wasn’t confirmed. The Motorola Xoom tablet isn’t priced at $799 — rumors now speak that Xoom will be out for $1100. BS, I know.

      Only time will speak for itself if HP can beat iPad and how will Xoom fare against the rest of the tablet. For now, calm down guys!

      FJord Prefect February 18, 2011

      I’m an iPad owner and recently I had the chance to try out a couple of Android tablets at an office supply store and they ended up being pretty much what I had expected – clunky, confusing, nothing even close to the iPad experience. However, I am truly excited about this new tablet from HP. They did the smart thing and tied their (formerly Palm’s) fantastic WebOS to the device rather than license some loose-fitting freebie from a third party. I think this is the key to success with these types of devices. These are not computers in the sense that we are used to and you wouldn’t WANT to run Windows on them. They are much better suited to a brand-new interface paradigm rather than hosting a rewrite of yesterday’s software and, as the iPad and Mac have shown, personal technology generally provides a much tighter user experience when the software is written specifically for the hardware. Nice one, HP! Way to give Apple something worthy of competing with and good luck to you!

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