The T-Mobile G2 Specs Revealed: 800-Mhz Processor, Android 2.2 Plus Flash 10.1. Priced at $499 Without Contract

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

While Apple may be hogging all the tech headlines going around at this moment (and with good reason), let’s not ignore this bit of news about the T-Mobile G2. T-Mobile has just revealed that the device will run on a Scorpion processor and will ship with Android 2.2 Froyo.

The T-Mobile G2 SmartPhone has been the subject of much speculation of late, because both Google and HTC are involved in its development. This bit of official information may bring joy to some, but considerable heartache for others.

This is because the Scorpion processor will clock just 800MHz; a whole 200MHz short of the 1 Snapdragon that has become standard fare (not to forget the Qualcomm’s SmartPhone that sports a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor) on most high-end smartphones these days. Moreover the device will not have the remarkable HTC Sense UI, which makes HTC devices so covetable.


Though the absence of Sense is indeed regrettable on T-Mobile G2, perhaps you should not lament the 800MHz CPU right away. This is because this CPU is a new one and uses the MSM7x30 Snapdragon chipset. So, assumptions about the clock speed may be a bit too premature because unlike the usual QSD chipsets we don’t know much about its performance.

Until a few benchmarking tests reveal more, you should not assume that the performance of the T-Mobile G2 will be a lot worse than phones which have 1GHz processors.

On the brighter side, the G2 phone should be totally geared up for an amazing browsing performance. Apart from the decent specs, there is access to the HSPA+ network of T-Mobile to give you better 4G speeds. Moreover it is preloaded with Adobe Flash player 10.1 and will display the latest interactive content and streaming Flash videos from the web.

Then there are one-touch ‘Quick Keys’ for instant access to various apps and Google shortcuts. The phone has been priced at $199 with a T-Mobile contract and $499 without contract (unlocked).

If you remember: the launch of the G1 was a very important milestone in the history of Android devices. Being the first smartphone designed to operate at 4G speeds – T-Mobile’s G2 should be no less important.

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Glenn October 6, 2010

Most of the commentors here are dead on. Forget about specs because with most Android phones today, simply wait and developers like Cyanogen, Enomther and Evil will give you a FREE upgrade that you can install on a rooted phone. Example; My Nexus One on Tmobile is running Evil’s SenseUI 1.21.3 and I compared it side-by-side with an EVO 4G on Sprint. My Nexus One does EVRYTHING faster than the EVO4G (which is why I returned the Sprint phone after 1 day). BTW, I’m getting HSDPA+ speeds on my N1 that in some cases is more than double my CenturyLink DSL speed on my deesktop PC.

It willbe interesting to see how long it takes the guys at xdadevelops to bake a great new MOD for the G2.

Dave September 7, 2010

I agree with Kevin!! Get rid of all the stupid UI crap and the phone will fly anyways! I have a mT3g Slide that is OC’d to 806mHz.. I benchmark over the Droid X and the Vibrant. The Scorpion will blow the Dragon out the water!!

Brian September 6, 2010

Kevin is right on.

The new Scorpion chip is tremendous – and does perform better than the Snapdragons do.

Remember, clock speed should only be used when comparing chips from the SAME family – not different chipsets altogether.

It’s no different that a 2.6 Ghz Dual Core outperforming a 3.6 Ghz single core. What really matters is the amount of instructions PER cycle that a chip can handle and the new Scorpion does that better than the Snapdragon chips.

So get your G2 when it comes out… it will be great.

Prantha September 4, 2010

I am patiently waiting for the G2. My only hope is that the battery life on the G2 will be better than on my G1. I have to keep phone chargers in my office, car and home cuz the battery runs down in less than a day.

If I use GPS in the car (which I totally love & cannot live without), I have to have the charger connected. That’s a bummer.

My hubby uses an iPhone (on T-Mobile BTW) and he only needs to recharge every few days. I am so jealous of that.

Chris September 4, 2010

Wheres the front facing camera? will hold out till tmobile has a front facing camera

Osaka September 4, 2010

Damn! disappointed me 🙁 Only 800 Mhz processor :S I was expecting at least 1.2 Ghz or more..

Londroid September 4, 2010

I agree with Kev, my contract with TMob is up and I’m more than anxious to see what the G2 delivers instead of all of this speculation that is going around.

Kevin September 3, 2010

The new chip IS more powerful than the Snapdragon. The 800mhz is actually the optimized setting recommended by the manufacturer. There is video out on what this new chip can do. Just google the scorpion processor and you’ll see video of the Qualcomm chip in action. It looks awesome! While this isn’t the new dual-core technology that will be out in Q4 or early ’11 it looks to be the most powerful of the single core chips.

The HSPA+ and new chip are the headlines. As to the absence of sense UI, this is a God Send. Stock android is how a phone should be, not doctored up by a phone company. IMHO – Kev

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