Convert Mp3 Avi To Zune Video format

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As you know, Zune is a product from Microsoft that aims at displaying images, playing music and watching videos from the player. Recently, the release of Zune HD mp3 player was brought out with a multi touch screen navigation along with radio. And if you own Zune mp3 player – want to transfer, convert files into zune format (mp4 abd wmv) then check out this freeware zune converter called Super.

Super is a popular way to convert Zune format into AVI Videos or Mp3 music or AVI into Zune quickly. You can lower the bitrate, choose the dimension of the video, reduce mp3 size, avi videos and also convert all standard video and audio format for free.


To convert any file to Zune format, choose the file, type of output, output directory and wait till the conversion is completed. Simple! Also Speed software by Eright soft is totally free to download onto your pc and should be used for personal use. You can download the latest version directly from here!

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Technogati June 3, 2009

Really wonderful tip.

Nihar May 31, 2009

Thanks for the info.

I haven’t purchased zune. but will share this with my friends who have purchased it.

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