How to backup profile of Google Chrome browser

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Following the Google chrome browser download,everyone seems to be busy in writing and reading about Google chrome tricks,how to use firefox addon type on Google chrome,Google chrome tips,backing up Google chrome and why or why not to use Google chrome browser or about stumbling webpages on Chrome browser.Also some are developing application for this webkit browser just to add more features in the current beta edition to enhance the web browsing experience.

Here is a little neat trick which will help you to back up and restore your Google chrome profile with the contained password,bookmarks and also other saved option.


This works just like the backup firefox 3 solution in which you use a freeware application to backup the whole profile.In this case the application is called as “Google Chrome backup” which is a complete freeware download.You can back up,restore the profile easily using this application.

How to backup and restore profiles :

First download the Google chrome freeware backup application from here (or here),now extract the freeware software and install it on your hard disk.Open the application and you will be asked for back up or restoring the profile.Backing up or restoring the profile will help you switch the profiles which have different password and bookmarks.

In any case if you are re installing Google chrome or using different profiles then this backup software is ought to be helpful.

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Tim Kovalcheck April 28, 2013

This program is crap. It keeps telling me that Google Chrome isn’t installed even after I installed it, it keeps saying Google Chrome isn’t installed. IMO, I think Google Devs need to go back to school.

MyHome-MyOffice January 18, 2009

This is nice little piece of software which is very useful.


Checkers Strategy January 3, 2009

Google chrome today is the best thing in the browsing arena. Internet explorer is gradually fading from the people’s mind, (at least mine), the smoothness of google chrome is just commendable. It is clear that IE just can’t stand against chrome.

Sidharth September 10, 2008

@sridhar – thanks for the mention! While i was writing this post the source was the same which i mentioned in the post..

Sridhar September 10, 2008

It makes sense to link to official sites.

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